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B.A.T.S. is a non-profit volunteer board that supports, fosters, aids, and enhances the sports programs for the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department. It also acts in an advisory capacity to the Sports Office by communicating the needs, desires, and criticisms of the Columbus sports community.    


In 1986, five softball enthusiasts met to discuss potential solutions to improving the facilities at Berliner Park and as interested grew, the Berliner Action Team for Softball was formed. Initially, volunteer work groups were organized to upgrade the facilities. In 2006, B.A.T.S. switched from focusing solely on softball and expanded to include all sports. The improved Berliner Action Team for Sports began partnering with other organizations and through these efforts, improvements worth over three million dollars have been made to Driving, Northcrest, and Rhodes Parks, Anheuser Busch Sports Park, and of course, Berliner Sports Park.


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