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  • The Columbus Recreation & Park Department offers Adult Softball leagues in the spring, summer and fall. In 2016, over 1,180 teams participated in these leagues that take place at Berliner Sports Park and Busch Sports Park.

    Men's, women's and mixed leagues are offered for all three sessions. There are four different levels of play (social, standard, competitive and major), with social being the lowest level of play and major being the highest. Player's must be 18+ years of age to participate in CRPD Adult Leagues.

    Schedules           2017 Umpire Survey 

  • 2017 Summer Softball Captains Meeting

  • What’s New With Summer Softball

    Since the end of the 2016 softball season, surveys have been sent, feedback has been received, and discussions have taken place. We are excited to introduce the changes for the 2017 summer softball season. 

    SOCIAL LEAGUES (formerly recreational): Designed with the social player in mind. Lowest level of play for a casual softball experience.  No summer champ of champs tournament for this division. Top four teams in each league will make playoffs to determine champion. Plays with the GAME RUN LIMIT of 15 runs per game. Those expecting to score over 15 runs per game do not belong in this division. 

    MODIFIED MIXED LEAGUES: Separate from our traditional Mixed Standard leagues, the Modified Mixed Standard League (Tu Dodge Modified XS only) will allow player combinations of 7 men/3 women, 6 men/4 women.

    MEN'S MAJOR E, MAJOR D+: based on USSSA classifications.  

    WOMEN'S STANDARD: Offered Thursday 

    TWILIGHT LEAGUES: 6:15/7:15 game times. Men's and Mixed Social Leagues

    Please refer to the league offerings for nights and locations. Our rule book contains all rules, eligibility and classification information.

  • 2017 League Information

  • Spring

    Registration opens February 27th
    Registration closes March 9th
    Schedules posted March 15th
    Season starts March 20th


    4 weeks of doubleheaders
    Regular pitch (start 1-1 count)
    Leagues played Mon-Thur


  • Summer

    Softball Packet Pick-up: 
    April 24th-26th, 1-7 pm  
    Berliner Sports Park - 3rd drive on left upon entering
    the park.
    Season starts April 28th


    10 weeks
    Regular pitch (start 1-1 count)
    Leagues played Sun-Fri

  • Fall

    Registration opens August 2nd

    Registration August 23rd
    Schedules posted August 30th
    Season starts September 5th


    5 weeks of doubleheaders
    One pitch
    Leagues played Sun-Fri

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