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  • The Columbus Recreation and Parks Department has over 350 parks in the Greater Columbus Area. This map includes our most popular park locations with athletic spaces and facilities. Please contact our office for parks that are not listed.

  • The athletic facilities within our parks require specialized maintenance and if overused, they can become damaged. We require permits to track usage and ensure we provide the best facilities to you, our customers.

  • Sports Permit Request
    If you are interested in renting athletic space in one of our parks,
    please fill out the Sports Permit Request below and a member of our staff will contact you about your request.

  • STEP 1:

    Use the template below for dates you are requesting. You will need to download this form, input your dates, save, and upload when submitting your form below.

    Facility Request Template

  • STEP 2:

    A copy of the rules and regulations is also on the facilty request form. In order to submit the form, you must electronically sign stating you have read the Rules and Regulations.

    Rules & Regulations

  • STEP 3:

    This is your official request form. You will electronically sign and upload your saved template with all dates you are requesting.

    Sports Permit Request

  • Facility Pricing
    Facility requests are not guaranteed and are based on availability.

    A formal facility request form must be submitted for a permit to be considered.
    Once received, the contact will be notified by the Sports Section if permit is approved.

    Game requests will take precedence over practice request.
    No refunds will be issued. Rainout dates can be transferred to an alternative date within season.

  • Berliner

    Sport/Facility TypeFeesAdditional Information

    Baseball / Fast Pitch

    $30 for Dirt Field practice
    $50 for Dirt Field games
    $70 per Turf Field games/practice

    No Weekend Permits
    Lights - Add $50 per field
    Adult Softball$70 per fieldRentals/Outings
    No Weekend Permits
    Pricing VariesTournament Request Form
    Multi-Purpose Fields
    $150 per field/dayFB/SOC/Rugby/Lacrosse/Kickball
    Additional fee for field set-up/lining
    Adult & Youth
    $185 per field/dayAdditional fee may incur if
    extra services are needed

    When requesting dates for Baseball or Fastpitch, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are not permitted and Thursday fields are extremely limited.

  • Busch

    Sport/Facility TypeFeesAdditional Information
    Baseball$30 for practiceDirt Fields bases 70’ only
    Adult Softball

    $70 per field
    Lights - Add $50 per field

    No Weekend Permits
    TournamentsPricing VariesTournament Request Form

    Adult & Youth

    $185 per field per dayAdditional fee may incur
    if extra services are needed
  • Cooper, McCoy, & Westerville Road

    Sport/Facility TypeFeesAdditional Information
    Multi-purpose Fields$25 per hour for practice
    $60 per game
    Minimum 2 hour block for practice
    TournamentsPricing VariesContact the Sports Office
  • Lazelle & Tuttle

    Sport/Facility TypeFeesAdditional Information
    Game/Practice$12 per field per hourMinimum 2 hour block
    TournamentsLazelle - $250
    Tuttle - $400
    Price is per field per day 
    Contact the Sports Office
  • All Other Outdoor Facilities

    Sport/Facility TypeFeesAdditional Information
    Youth Leagues$5 per field per hour
    $3 for non-profit
    Minimum 2 hour block
    Non-Profit must provide EIN number
    Youth Special 
    Activity Permit
    $125 per field per dayTournaments or 
    any non-sporting event
    Adult & Youth
    $185 per field per dayAdditional fee may incur 
    if extra services are needed
    Multi-purpose Fields
    $25 per field per hour 
    (6 hour minimum)
    FB/SOC/Rugby/Lacrosse/Kickball or any other activity.
    Additional fee for field set-up/lining
  • Adult Private Leagues

    Sport/Facility TypeFeesAdditional Information
    BasketballPrices will reflect the current league rate for each sportContact the Sports Office

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