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  • If you’re looking to reserve an outdoor facility or field space for your team or league,
    You have come to the right place!!!

    Click Here for a full list of parks that are available for permit 

    If you are looking to reserve fields at Berliner or Busch Park, please visit our Berliner/Busch Park Facility Request page.

  • 2017 Pricing

  • 2017 Sports Permit Request

    STEP 1:

    Use the template below for dates you are requesting. You will need to download this form, input your dates, save, and upload when submitting your form below.

    Facility Request Template

    STEP 2:

    A copy of the rules and regulations is also on the facilty request form. In order to submit the form, you must electronically sign stating you have read the Rules and Regulations.

    Rules & Regulations

    STEP 3:

    This is your official request form. You will electronically sign and upload your saved template with all dates you are requesting.

    Sports Permit Request

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